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Whitman Financial Services, LLC - Wakefield, MA


Orchestrating Your Financial Future

“To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.”
~ Leonard Bernstein

If Leonard Bernstein were a financial planner – what financial instruments would he use? For what purpose?

Bernstein’s financial ensemble would be brilliant. Instead of strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion, he would have at hand a plethora of financial strategies and vehicles. It would have sections, each equally balanced, important and serving a specific purpose contributing to the overall stability and success of the plan.

Classical music, like good financial planning is in need of being demystified. It need not alienate all but the upper 10%. Bernstein would clear the air of exclusivity, the feeling of belonging to a private club where you had to know the secret handshake. He would provide the key to open the door and explain in simple terms why investing and financial planning is a good thing – offering hope to individuals and families. Like a symphony, financial planning is at once dynamic and vital and can uplift and empower the participants.

A good financial plan is a visual representation of organized financial goals. It contains all the necessary instructions for an individual to follow to produce the outcome desired. Like a good musical score, instructions include timing, values, and key points to advance progress and increase behavioral-finance awareness. A good financial plan will assist an individual with goals from budgeting and business plans to retirement, college and legacy plans.

The musical staff is the most basic of all musical symbols. Musically speaking, its five horizontal lines are the foundation for everything that follows. To use the musical inference we are proud of our staff here at WHITMAN FINANCIAL SERVICES, LLC. We’ll provide the instruments to begin your symphonic journey and conduct you through the movements to manage financial harmony. Let us help you make your financial future as beautiful as a philharmonic orchestra.

Click here for one of our favorites by Bernstein.