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Whitman Financial Services, LLC - Wakefield, MA


Our Business Model – and how we separate ourselves from the competition.

Let’s face it – there’s no shortage of financial advisors. We’re different than most. How do we operate and what exactly distinguishes us from other financial planners, investment advisors and tax specialists?

We think you should know:

Fiduciary Care:

We put our clients’ financial interests first, ahead of our own business goals. We must act as a fiduciary in all aspects of our relationship with you. As an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we have legal standards established by Congress, enforced by SEC and regulated by our SECRETARY OF STATE and FINRA. We also abide by CFP BOARD’s rigorous ethical standards and adhere to the limited client privilege as authorized by IRS.


With decades of experience in financial management, we are passionate about applying our collective know-how to benefit the select clients we are privileged to serve. We are proud to have developed many long-term, multi-generational relationships in our practice.


We work only for our clients – and not for a brokerage firm. As good stewards, we align ourselves with you, sit on your side of the table and help you find the appropriate plans for your situation. Conflicts of interest (or appearance thereof) before or during our engagement are always discussed and disclosed in writing.

Personalized Services & Long-Term Relationships:

We incorporate life planning into our financial planning process to help you lead the rich and meaningful life you envision. We understand clients need to align their financial plan with their life plan. We offer the wisdom and experience to decide when it’s right and good to “enjoy a rich experience over the expansion of wealth.” It’s wonderful working with the same people for more than 30 years and watching them enjoy their accomplishments.


We have no sales quotas, hidden charges, referral fees or proprietary products. We do what’s right for our clients and we don’t have a sales manager telling us what to do. Fee-based platforms work in many situations, but in certain cases, commission-based platforms may be desired. We have the flexibility to offer both and the integrity to help you decide which is both suitable and appropriate.

Boutique Shop:

We augment our in-house professionals with a network of strategic alliances including estate attorneys and other counselors. When our clients have established relations with CPA’s, or attorneys we collaborate as quarterback. Respectfully, we document our client’s consent to join forces with their existing representatives.

Disciplined Investing:

What really works for investors? Is this a good time to buy? When do you sell? We apply time-tested academic principles to our investment process, guided by goals-based planning, risk management through diversification and minimizing costs.

Independent Safeguards:

We function as your agent and advisor, while your account is held in your name by LPL FINANCIAL, a FINRA member firm and the nation’s largest independent broker-dealer* who provides independent securities custody and clearing services, verification, SIPC and additional insurance protection.

* As reported by Financial Planning magazine, June 1996-2015, based on total revenue.

“Your money is not your wealth, your time is.”

“Attitude is not a gene, it’s a muscle.”

“Not a star, but a servant.”

~ Dr. Kevin Elko